Review Policy

Written a book and want a review? Like what you have seen from my other reviews? I am an avid reader, I am passionate about reviewing and have also done some proof reading. If you would like to feature on my blog, then get in touch.

Whilst I would love hardcopies of books, I do get sent e-books (I have a Kindle Fire HD). PDF's are also fine by me. Also, I have found it is possible to gift a book to me on even though I live in the UK.(but you'd need to request my personal email address as that's the one linked to my Kindle) Or you can send me a voucher code for Smashwords! I typically prefer YA books. However, that being said, I have found myself recently reading Erotica including  M/M & F/F and I find that I really quite enjoy them. So if you are an author of Erotica, whether it's F/M, F/F or M/M then by all means, ask me for a review.

Once I have read your book I will give an honest review of what I think of it. Please note that I am honest, and will write how I truly feel. I will not EVER slate a book just for the sake of it -as I know some people do - But I will say if I feel something could've been better.
I will post these reviews on  my blog, Goodreads, Amazon.UK, Amazon.US, Smashwords (if you gave me a voucher code to download on there), Barnes & Noble, Book Depository (if you have your book on there) and Shelfari (if your book is on Amazon)

I can either post your review as soon as I have finished it or I can wait for a later date (ie. release date as determined by you) to post it. Furthermore, I do like to host interviews, giveaways and whatnot.

Please contact me at I will aim to reply to you as soon as possible.

Many Thanks

Keren xo
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